• About Us

  • Linda & Robert Tait, researchers of the Castle family history, commenced the research project in 1992. Since that time we have been assisted by many new contacts, friends and  relatives of the Castle family and also by Julia Sargent, who was seconded to the company  by the University of Plymouth and undertook much useful research work on the history  at the beginning of the project.  After many more years of accumulating much valuable data the full findings have been published in our eBook - see link above 

    The historical association with the previous shipbreaking companies of Henry Castle & Sons  Limited and Castles Shipbreaking Limited, both of which ceased trading during the  course of the last century, has been maintained through our family connections since 1959. 

    After the Castle line ceased with the passing of both Sidney and Philip Castle in the 1930s the business passed to Major Ball, a Plymothian and former General Manager of Castles  Shipbreaking.  A restructuring occurred during World War II and the residual company and its history was inherited by us. We discovered an amazing story in our archives that needed to be told, hence our strong interest in recording the  Castles story for the benefit of posterity.

    The researches have been long and time consuming, however with the advance in the internet an increasing amount of information has become available online to support and increase our understanding of this important era in maritime history.  

    There is much more to tell so we hope you will keep visiting our site from time to time.