• Timber Products

  • After the business of Henry Castle had become established at Baltic Wharf, Vauxhall, the subsequent breaking up of ships there produced an abundance of timber for resale and use in a variety of end products. It is reputed that Castles was one of the largest timber merchants on the Thames during the decades following 1860. 

    Seasoned teak was a remarkable product that could last for decades in the open air and not deteriorate. It was therefore suitable as material for all forms of outside products, but in particular the manufacture of garden furniture.  However specialist items were also made at the company's Yards, particularly at Long's Wharf, but also at Baltic Wharf until the advent of World War I.  


  • The timber was also used extensively as cladding on the exterior of buildings both commercial and residential. The wood for the the famous Liberty's building, off Regent Street, London was provided by Castles with wood taken from HMS Hindostan  (formerly part of the Royal Naval College HMS Britannia) and HMS Impregnable.